Mr. International is among a select few in this Rap & R&B music realm, who is accepted as not only an artist, but as an entertainer. In addition to working as a rapper, producer,
DJ and actor, Mr. International has been performing for more than 5 years. This well-rounded
and extremely talented performer has dabbled in radio jingles, commercial voiceovers
and event hosting. International’s resume consists of working alongside world renowned act’s such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Margot B., Choze, Paul Johnson and Kalaj Dame, just to name a few.
“Good Live shows are what makes an artist a performer, and makes a performer a legend”.

Mr. International is a cornerstone within the Pittsburgh rap scene, with an established local following, through numerous Pittsburgh venues, and proclaimed national fame.
International’s worldwide status has expanded and continues to grow, as he is currently promoting his newest album release, “Self Titled”. To date I.N.T. has performed as a rapper and DJ in over 10 States and countless cities nationwide.“I have performed for all types of events,” states I.N.T.. “Headlining the Baltimore Music Festival and headlining at Peabody’s in Cleveland New Years Eve for over 5000 people has been an experience and a blessing that I will cherish forever”. International’s self-described ability to “wear all the hats” will ensure a growing fan base for years to come.“I really succeed in music and movies and because of that people are always anxious to find out what ill do next”.

Mr. International’s career has been hard won, and he is proud of where he is and excited about where he is going, but if you have had the opportunity to meet him, he is one of the most humble and genuinely kind individuals. “All the work I’ve been doing for the last 10 years is paying off.” In February of 2007, I.N.T. became featured in Australia’s renowned “Certified Hip-Hop Magazine”. Mr. International’s tracked stats prove that he lives up to his name, with fans all over the globe. “I was surprised to see that i had such a strong support in countries such as Germany and Austrailia”.

Mr. International is candid about his passion for entertaining, admitting he loves to perform partly for the attention. “I think I’ve always enjoyed being in the limelight, whether it was acting in theater as a little kid and then in high school, or racing my tricked out cars,” he says. “Just in general, I enjoy being able to entertain. Something about knowing people enjoy having me around. It’s very fulfilling for me.”

Mr. International is rated #7 out of over 3,000 rap artists in the Pittsburgh area registered between Myspace, Facebook and Reverbnation.

Mr. International, having written, produced and starred in the critically acclaimed ‘Yes Girl The Movie’, and being cast as the leading male actor in ‘My Destiny’ alongside female R&B national recording arist, Margot B. due to hit theaters in 2010 says, “I am happy and excited to be a part of the film industry. I have the ability to do two things I love which are music and acting”.

From shore to shore, this renowned, unsigned performer has done it all. For the last decade, Mr. International has been a major influential player in the ever-progressing Pittsburgh music scene, as we know it. Because of his various skills in DJing, dancing and more, to his ability to produce songs for the mainstream, from radio and CD to live performances, he was named “The World” by Warner Bros. Records which is how he developed his name as ‘Mr. International’. His name is now synonymous with quality. Whether it’s his live display of sheer entertainment skill or the musically embraced blend of rap and R&B he will continue to produce in the studio, Mr. International has proven himself worthy to become a household name and is guaranteed to satisfy.

For more information on Mr. International, please visit
To Book Mr. International for a concert, radio or appearance, please call either
Exel Management |  412-969-7094

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